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High-lite impact!

Did you know if you hi-lite an ad in the classified columns of most News Papers you will increase the response numbers between 18 and 26%?

I think we can assume we will get similar results if we draw attention to our CV. So how do we do it? The most effective way is to run a marketing campaign. This will give you two distinct advantages:

1. Do it well and you will create curiosity in the mind of the prospective employer.

2. You will be the only runner in the field.


Well the fist thing is to realise that blanket CV distribution is a mugs game in today’s market. As recruitment companies get lazier employers become increasingly fed up of having to do all the work such as trawling through, sometimes unfathomable; websites with gazillions of CV’s posted but nothing that brings them exactly what they are looking for. Reason? They usually don’t know exactly what they are looking for until it is sitting in front of them. So stop competing with the masses and take a much more bespoke approach.


Firstly let’s examine our objective i.e. ‘Get an interview with the decision maker.’

So in today’s environment and job market why mess around with diluting our efforts.

We need to get noticed and that means our CV getting put in front of the person who is most likely to be impressed by it. So the first job is to find out who that person is.

In an SME company the source of all knowledge, and sometimes wisdom is the MD or CEO’s Secretary /PA and, believe it or not, most of them will take your call. This is the person who will tell you who is responsible for your particular purpose. If the name of their boss is not displayed on the website, and that is who you need to reach, they will most likely give you that as well. As long as you don’t ask to be put through they are usually quite happy to give out information that is more than likely in the public domain anyway. However, this not only saves you time, you can also get a feel for the culture of the company. This can prove invaluable when it comes to writing your covering letter. This is as important, if not more so, than your CV when making a speculative approach to a company which are not currently advertising a position. It may well be that until your letter arrives they didn’t even know how much they needed you.

Larger organisations are usually just giant SME’s and as such take a little longer to detect who your target is. But, once you have identified them, you will have the advantage of being able to make reference to the fact that you are writing to them on the advice of someone who knows they are responsible. As such, are expected to make decisions. By the way most HR departments simply file or shred speculative CV’s so don’t waste the paper.

Your covering letter is a sales letter and therefore should have an “opening benefit statement” in the first line. It should be: Exiting but not glib; factual but not dull; motivational but not clichéd. Here’s an example;




If you thought that there was somebody who would fit into your team, said they could improve overall effectiveness in your department by more than 40% and would be self financing within three months, then could you be persuaded to at least give them a preliminary interview? Well let me explain briefly………………………………..


This letter obviously assumes that the writer knows both about the industry and the company that it is being targeted at and if you were to break it down and analyse it you would find that everything contained therein is a benefit for the prospective employer. In fact if they didn’t respond to it they probably shouldn’t be doing the job they are being paid for. Sadly there are quite a few people who for one reason or another fall into that category i.e. incompetent. Luckily the ones that are not seem to be in the majority.

Read the earlier blog on Purple Pigs and other forms of attention getters but think it through before you start posting off Mars Bars to potential employers. Better still give us a call at absolute CV and talk your ideas through with us. It won’t cost you a penny and we may have some useful ideas you could use.


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