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Covering Letters; more important than your CV

More important than Even professionally written CV’s?

It’s true. In today’s market place the covering letter can do more for you than a CV and the reason is this:You just have to look at the Job pages in the newspapers to understand that waiting for one to be advertised that exactly suits you and your skills is a thank-less task. The ‘Sunday Times’ appointment pages are a good indicator. 80% of the positions advertised are for the Public Sector and they are only being advertised because government rules insist that they are; in truth they have already been short listed from internal sources. I know it’s not fair, but life rarely is.

So why is a covering letter so important? Because it will open the door for a speculative CV and if you are not sending out speculative CV’s you are missing out on big opportunities. If you have done your research, and you know who your target is, a good covering letter can plant the idea that ‘not seeing you’ may mean that they are missing out big time!

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