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CVs; Computer generated or the real McCoy?

CVs; Computer generated or the real McCoy?

CV on Line; just follow the bouncing ball, put in your details,  watch the price quoted double and get the same as everyone else i.e. a  generic CV that could be interchanged with all the others the format spews out differentiating yours by your name only. It can take you as long to fill out the template as it would to write it from scratch yourself, at least it would be specific to you and your unique skills if you did.

Here are some of the kinds of banal generic phrases that a pre-programmed template generated CV will churn out:

  • I am exactly the right candidate for the position.
  • My experience gives me advantage over other candidates.
  • It is time to focus on my future career and I believe I will add value to your company.
  • I have XX year’s experience.
  • I am passionate etc………………

And so on and so on. All of these were generated by online CV website companies who advertised cheap professionally written CV’s who don’t even speak to their clients! It is worth you following one through however and see how many boxes you will need to tick, (each one racking up the advertised price), to achieve even a basic document. Don’t forget however that you will have paid well before the process starts.

Your CV needs to be the very best of you, on the page. It should unique in design, content and focus and, if well crafted, it will press all the right buttons with the reader from the first paragraph. This simply can’t be achieved by a computer generated “one size fits all” effort. Have you ever wondered what makes a best selling book so appealing? Partly it is of course the content but mainly it’s the writer and how he or she interprets the story. It’s exactly the same with a CV. Imagine starting any book and they all followed the same format. Only the names were changed and one or two other things like the setting and the dates other than that you pretty much got the same written format whether it was called Moby Dick or Harry Potter; the same phrases were used to describe certain aspects and even the same words and superlatives that had been programmed in to be used in context when a series of events triggered them.

So it is with a professionally written CV. The Author does their research (This is called talking to the client). They listen to how they express themselves, they discover what motivates them; if they are really good they find from their research what it is about the individual that makes them exceptional, and finally they get whatever that special thing is down on paper. They do all this for one reason, to compel employers to interview them. This is intelligence that no computer has come close to, it is a talent, and that can not be manufactured.

So don’t waste your money other than for idle curiosity. If you want your CV to be “Your CV” then employ a professional CV writer and if they say they “don’t need to talk to you, just send us your current CV”, expect something fairly basic. However if you want something that presents the very best of you then pay the little bit more it may or may not cost you and expect something really special.

By The way did I say the people at Absolute CV are all professional writers? So when you call them expect to be treated in a very special way. We have a reputation to uphold!