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Self employed people need a CV more than most

Hey! Did you know? Self Employed people need a CV more than most.

The thing about being British is that we are brilliant at overcoming adversity. History proves it time and time again; when the going gets tough the British get creative!

That shows in the fact that that in the last eighteen months or so more people have come off benefits and become self employed than have taken up employment in full time jobs. This is not because we are a nation of shopkeepers but because we are a nation whose instincts drive us to fend for ourselves rather than relying on others to fend for us.

None the less there are very few businesses that can be started from zero capital, so the chances are you are going to need to have something in your “marketing mix” that promotes you as a “good bet” to invest in, or, someone that it is “safe” to do business with, In other words, endorsements; in other words a CV.

Definition: Curriculum Vitae: Latin; meaning: “The course of my life”

We get asked more and more often by executives to help with CV’s that their companies have asked them to provide for their personnel file, even though they may have worked for the company/organisation for many years. Not because they are trying to catch them out or call attention to their shortfalls but because a well documented CV adds valuable collateral to a companies resource assets. It is valuable for both employer and employee. 

The same is true of customers; they want to know who they are dealing with. Some customers may ask outright for references from people you have dealt with in the past. If you are in a “Start Up” (and given today’s market) you probably won’t have any. So what you have done in the past to warrant you asking them to trust you is part of your CV and that is worth documenting.

This kind of CV will help with your marketing strategy and also help you to define what your USP (Unique Selling Point) is. So, unless you have created something that defies gravity or turns base metal into gold, your biggest USP is going to be you, followed by the way you package or present your product or service. Here are a couple of examples:


“Reassuringly Expensive” do you remember that? Or…………………………….

“Nothing acts faster than Anadin” Says it all.


How about something like this for your strap-line it will get you customers and it will impress other stake holders.


John Smith Ltd. The difference is John Smith.


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