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The pros and cons of humorous CV writing:

What is the best CV format? Funny can work; but only to certain kinds of employer.

“I would happily gnaw off one of my arms at the elbow just to procure a sale for your esteemed and revered company”

 “I would wash myself in the foulest smelling liquids and beat myself within an inch of my life if you could see your way to granting me an interview”

 “I will sell all my possessions and send you every penny I raise for the honour of working for your organization. What is more I would never ask for a penny in salary or indeed any remuneration whatsoever until my life was spent!”

These are just a few lines from some of the numerous, what I would call, “Outrageous” covering letters I have seen over the years many of them have made me laugh out loud. Some of these letters were so funny I couldn’t resist seeing the people who had written them, even if they had not provided us with a perfect CV. But here’s the nub; none of them lived up to their promise. By promise I mean that the humour in their letters was not matched by either intellect or charisma; disappointment was what I was usually confronted with.

So my advice is this; unless you can display an element of wit that suggests you have more to offer than just some funny words, the best CV format is to offer yourself as a benefit not a comedian. Remember what you are doing, writing to get an interview, and there needs to be an element of selling in that covering letter. If you don’t think you can sell try reading “Selling for Virgins” Ryack Press from amazon or better still get absolutecv to write it for you, it’s part of what we offer.