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Why should I ask for help writing my CV?

It seems a reasonable question especially when no one should know as well as you what should go into it. But believe it or not getting help with a CV is not so much about what goes is into it as about how it is put into it.

The how is not covered in any CV template I have ever seen because this is where the essence of the applicant is brought to life and more often than not that is done by a third party. That third party should be trained to seek out the most positive and compelling elements from the text. This is the key to producing a successful CV.

However, getting help, for some people can make them feel uncomfortable especially the more modest amongst us. An experienced CV writer can turn modesty into a valuable asset such as ‘quietly spoken’ unpretentious and turning consistency into loyalty. These are valuable words to describe valuable assets but often it takes someone with experience to see their real worth