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Wisdom of professional CV writing: Attitude v Aptitude

The following is a list of the most valued qualities an employee can posses, according to employers, when hiring people. There were over forty listed and these were the top twelve listed in order of importance by the people who took part in the survey.

93 people took part in the survey and they were all Owners or Directors of SME companies.

They were given a list of twenty different qualities and skills and asked to add their own as well however the following twelve were consistent.

Good Work ethic:
Team player
Self motivated


Is their anything you notice about these qualities? Look again apart from (arguably) Experience, which came well down the list, they are all born out of attitude, not skills; not knowledge. But then should we be surprised considering the profile of the employers who partook in the survey? If you were running a company ask yourself what you would want from your employees. I think you would want much the same as we see here.

When a CV is being created the emotional stimuli it is capable of creating in the mind of the reader can not be underestimated. This especially in terms of how much it can influence the decision to invite someone to be interviewed.

This applies not only to SME’s but even HR professionals who can be even more swayed by human qualities than most (despite their protestations to the contrary)

This skill is something that the professional CV writer is very aware of and, it is true that, some are more aware of it than others;

Remember this little adage: People who hire on aptitude tend to fire on attitude