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Three seconds …

How long does it take for someone to make a decision on whether or not you will give a candidate a good interview? How does three seconds sound? Guess what; it probably takes even less for a CV to be to be accepted or rejected!

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The great Jaffa Cake debate

David Baker, CEO of Evolutions International, (the UK’s only specialist Interview Training organisation) says that his trainers spend as much time training candidates to deal with the short comings of weak interviewers as they do helping them to deal with true professionals who know exactly how to sift out the stars from the moon-dust. Continue reading

Preparation – Preparation – Preparation

Some blindingly obvious things to prepare for before you turn up for an interview …

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“Write my CV”, and you when we do you will have evoked the Law of ‘Cause and Effect’

Karma according to most eastern philosophies is the ensuing effects of all of our actions. However I wouldn’t like you to think that that I’m suggesting that the results of preparing, creating and marketing your CV is to undertake a spiritual quest that will become your life’s purpose. Continue reading

There is CV writing and there is professional CV writing

Q: How do I present myself to look great on paper?

A: You sell yourself by following these simple rules

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New product bypasses ageism in the workplace

An innovative product aimed at increasing employment rates for older candidates has been launched in the UK today.

The new-style employment package, the ‘Career Asset Portfolio’, is being offered to the most affected people seeking employment – the older candidate who delivers ‘Grey Matter’. Continue reading

Do wacky CVs work?

Well, yes and no. There is a behavioural science that is often misquoted and misunderstood, known as NLP.

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A few personal thoughts about ageism

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Don’t Blow it!

It’s difficult to get to the interview stage; ensure that you don’t blow your chance when you do Continue reading

Do they have a good reason to see you?

Marketing your CV professionally is almost as important as what it contains because if it doesn’t get to the decision maker or influencer it is just pouring time, Continue reading