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Terms & Conditions

Absolute CV
Terms and conditions:

A contract exists based on these terms and conditions when payment is made
Money will not be refunded under any or all of the following terms:

  1. Intention to use Absolute’s expertise without payment (This will be treated as fraudulent)
    Evidence must be provided that the CV has been reasonably marketed/distributed to; only suitable
  2. The information you provide us with is both accurate and truthful
  3. Misleading or false information is provided by the client to Absolute CV who shall bear no responsibility
    whatsoever for researching or checking the validity of such information
  4. Changing of Absolute format and content of a CV against Absolute CV advice will nullify any claim for
  5. Failure to secure employment at interview for any reason
  6. The client not furnishing true and accurate career information
  7. The client not furnishing true and accurate education history
  8. Any CV sent out by the client where they have insisted information or content be included or excluded
    against the specific advice of absolute CV