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Don’t Do anything until you’ve read this Article

Don’t Do anything until you’ve read this Article

 The CV is still the principle way of selling yourself to a prospective employer; But, how to write it? How many exam results to include and what elements of your career should you pick out? A little expert advice can sometimes make all the difference.

There is nothing more disheartening than sending CV after CV to prospective employers and receiving nothing in return. When unemployment is high and hundreds apply for every vacancy competition is fierce. Employers say that, because of demand, they cannot possibly respond to every applicant.  Yet that leaves said applicants in a quandary – how do they know the CV they are compiling for each job advert is right and is selling them effectively?

The truth is, they don’t.

We often think that we are the best people to talk about our skills, abilities and experience; after all we were there, we know it first hand, don’t we? Perhaps proximity doesn’t provide the best perspective. When job-hunting we’re motivated by either simply being in employment, or hankering after a promotion or just more money. We’re not thinking about how to sell ourselves effectively. We need someone to offer a fresh point of view on our own ability. Our English might not be up to scratch or we might opt for a structure we like but that turns off almost every employer.

CV writing is a growing industry. It provides the impartial expertise and advice to improve a CV, turning it from mediocre into something eye-catching. It offers objectivity combined with experience.

Yet, much like every other service, you have to know what questions to ask to ensure you are getting the right service.

One of the Best is “Absolute CV” They have an in-depth conversation with every potential client. The reason for that is obvious but it is worth remembering that any company that just asks you to send over your CV without a conversation or even a questionnaire isn’t going to know how to help you sell yourself effectively. Your career history, your toolbox of skills and abilities; you’re turning to a CV writer to help pull out the relevant elements to help you stand out. That means they need to listen and learn from you directly to separate the relevant information from the bits you can leave out.

While there are basic rules for a CV that should be adhered to you must never dismiss the benefit of sector specific experience. A CV writer with experience of your industry is better placed to provide insight into how to catch the eye of recruiters and employers. They will understand the industry skills to emphasise and the short-cut terms used to communicate knowledge and experience.

Job-hunting is never a pleasant experience, whether you’re in work and looking for another job or you’re unemployed. It is as stressful as moving house. The CV is still the primary tool to showcase your skills and experience so it needs to be right. The objective perspective of a CV writer will help you focus and shape your relevant knowledge and ability. When you know your CV is right, you know you have a better chance of catching the eye of the recruiter.

Laura Brown