Professional CV Writing Service that gets you noticed


Q. How can I be sure your CVs work?

A. Because they do! But then we would say that wouldn't we? However, our track record is outstanding and the testimonials you read are the real McCoy's, so it’s worthwhile you reading them. We do admit to editing them but that is only because some of them do go on a bit and we wouldn't want to appear immodest. That being said, we offer the best guarantee there is!

Q. What experience do your consultants have?

A. You will be allocated a consultant only after your current CV or details have been put up to the team. They will then decide who is going to be the most suited to you and your particular needs. They are all extremely well qualified and understand exactly how to best present you in order to get you into that interview chair. If you are seeking a senior director's position or a CEO’s role then our senior consultants will know precisely how to make your CV end up in the ‘first choice for interview’ category. If you are just starting out on your career path then be assured an Absolute CV is going to give you just the boost you need to take you quickly to your first goal!

Q. What kind of clients do you have?

A. That’s a difficult one because no two are exactly the same or need the same things. So without being glib, let's say when they come to us they are expecting the best and they are never disappointed. Did we mention our guarantee?

Q. What does it cost?

A. There are three basic services - the prices and comparisons are shown on the CV services page. We also have a sister company with its own website that specialises in interview coaching and simulations. You’ll find it in our links list; cutting edge stuff.

Q. I have seen services advertised for less; why?

A. You are not buying something that is shoe-horned into a 'one-size fits all' template. You're getting something that is crafted, bespoke and unique to you. It takes time to make something special. Our clients think we provide outstanding value for money and we don't cut corners on the service we provide. We have seen most of the other providers' efforts and regularly we check to make sure that our claim to be the best, is being upheld. We genuinely believe we are, even compared to people charging more than us.


Q. How can I pay?

A. We accept credit/debit cards, PayPal, bank wire, and UK cheque.

Q. How long does the CV take?

A. Well we can do it in 24 hours but that disrupts our system and effectively means you are queue-jumping and we can only allow that to happen if it doesn’t affect other clients. If it is a matter of getting the interview or not then talk to us, we understand about opportunities and timing. Normally we take five working days.

Q. What is your process?

A. Once you place your order we will contact you and tell you what we need. You will be asked to complete a short psychometric test** and the results of all the information you have given us will help us choose who, from our team, will be the most appropriate person to work for you. They may need to come back to you during the writing process but usually they will get all they need from your brief. Your CV is then presented to you and, if needed, any changes will be made until you are completely satisfied. ** You will be given the results of the psychometric profile but we do not recommend they are shown as part of your CV to potential employers as they can be taken out of context by untrained eyes.

Q. What if I don't have a CV?

A. Don't worry we can create one for you from scratch. Your first contact with us after you order will follow a comprehensive set of questions which will give us all we need. Or you can fill it in online after you have ordered.

Q. Can you write my CV to a job specification?

A. Of course we can, we do it all the time for our clients.

Q. Do you prefer email or telephone consultations?

A. Either, but email is more accurate for detail so even if you tell us something over the phone we may ask you to confirm it by email if it is important.

Q. Do you offer ‘covering letter’ services?

A. Probably the best you will ever see! Some of our programmes include them. Talk to your consultant when you’ve ordered.

Q. Do you offer job interview preparation services?

A. Yes again, and, as with covering letters, some of our programmes include coaching. The value, as you can see, is way beyond anything you might think is cheaper.

Q. Would you offer a translation service once my CV is written?

A. We don’t do it ourselves, but we use a top-class translation service and we can arrange it for you at cost.

Q. What difference can you make?

A. The proof of any pudding is in the eating and I’m afraid that is what buying any service is like; we are asking you take a leap of faith. However, do remember that we are making the most impressive guarantee in the marketplace, which is that we will refund your money if you don’t get suitable*** interviews from your Absolute CV. Every time we make this guarantee we are putting our reputation on the line. Our reputation is our bedrock; if it is damaged, we will fall. So do you think that keeps us focused enough to take you on as a client?

Q. How do I contact you?

A. Just click on contct us on any page on this site. We look forward to working for you.

*** Interviews refer to realistic aspiration levels based on experience and required qualifications as stated by a potential employer. Terms & conditions of Absolute CV service can be found by clicking here, or full terms & conditions are available on request.